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Servicing Lake Macquarie, Toronto, Wangi Wangi and surrounds

Our dedicated team of early education teachers were hand-selected for their extraordinary qualities and high qualifications. Each day we feel privileged to get the opportunity to spend time with your child. Our commitment to you is that we will make your child feel loved, keep them safe, encourage social interaction and learning while embracing their individuality.

Arcadia Vale Preschool is committed to helping unique, young minds reach their full potential. We work closely with your family respecting your ideas and values.

Owned and operated by husband and wife team, Brett & Sharon Davis, you and your child/children will be made to feel at ease the minute you step through our doors.

We may be small in number, but this means your children get the one-on-one attention they require.

What’s in a name?

Many people ask us what’s the difference between us as a long day care centre and a pre-school. To put it quite simply, the name! We pride ourselves on being an early education centre, with a strong focus on helping each child to reach their full potential. It is a well-known fact that we learn more in the first 5 years of our life than we do at any other time.

Every activity we provide has an educational basis, as well as being fun and interesting.

We have a full preschool curriculum that encompasses all areas of child development, with a comprehensive school readiness programme (this actually begins in the Lake Room!). Our longer hours provide children with more time to engage in learning experiences and develop skills and knowledge they need throughout their lives.

Our Philosophy

The Arcadia Vale Preschool operates under the belief that all children and families are unique unto themselves. We believe that every child in our care deserves and requires respect, empowerment, dignity and a quality environment that promotes optimum learning opportunities. We strive to give children the opportunities needed to achieve their maximum potential, whilst fostering self-esteem and self-confidence, combined with a sense of belonging and agency.

Our play-based experiences and activities are based on the interests and needs of the children, and ensures that children and families are proactive in the formulation of the daily programme. We acknowledge that children bring their diverse experiences, perspectives, expectations, knowledge and skills to their learning environment. Each child will be provided with activities that cater to their individual needs, as well as designed for the group as a whole.

The curriculum is based on the Early Years Learning Framework, incorporating all the principles of Being, Belonging and Becoming. Educators engage with a range of curriculum approaches to provide children with open ended, flexible and meaningful experiences based on all children’s interests and socio-cultural contexts. We strive to promote each child’s sense of belonging, connectedness and wellbeing.

We believe that children should be actively a part of planning our play-based learning experiences that extend on their needs and interests. Every day we provide time and space for children to engage in both individual and collaborative pursuits, with planned and spontaneous experiences each day.

We believe that families are the most important influence in their child’s life and as such, are to always be accepted as partners in the daily operations of our centre.

We believe it is important to form strong bonds with families to create a welcoming environment. We aim to provide children with the opportunity to develop strong foundations in both the culture and languages of their family and the broader community, as well as to develop an understanding and appreciation of their social and cultural heritage.

We believe that time is precious to childhood and is essential to develop competence, curiosity and persistence. Wherever possible, the children’s need for time to explore will be respected and this flexibility integrated into the daily routine.

We believe learning takes place amongst peers in a social environment, and we encourage children to establish and maintain relationships with each other and their educators. We also believe that ongoing learning is equally important for educators. Educators will engage in reflective practices in relation to themselves as individuals and the service as a whole. Educators will actively participate in ongoing professional development as part of their dedication to the profession of early childhood education.

Our quality improvement plan is an organic and evolving document, ensuring that we meet the growing and changing needs of the service, educators, families, children and communities. Educators, children and families contribute to this.

We take an active role in caring for the environment, with sustainability and environmental awareness embedded in our daily process and practices. This includes our online programme, which gives families a daily insight into their child’s day as well as decreasing our environmental footprint. Children take an active role in caring for our environment.

We believe that all children, families and educators should be treated equitably with dignity and respect, regardless of gender, age, socio-economic status, race, language, beliefs, additional needs and family structure or lifestyle.

The Arcadia Vale Preschool is committed to the community and will foster positive relations between itself and the community. We actively participate in events within both the local and wider communities, and work collaboratively with the community.

Our team stands by the belief that the centre “belongs to the educators, children, families and the wider community-everyone’s opinion matters.”

“Working Together with Families to Ensure that each Child Reaches Their Full Potential”


Community Involvement—Local, Wider, Global

Our service is involved with our local, wider and global communities. This involvement is embedded in our daily practices. Sustainability is very important, and we pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly. We work closely with our local schools, as well as many other organisations within our local community.

We participate in community events such as Beanies for Brain Cancer and Jeans for Genes. We sponsor a child through World Vision. We have also fostered a strong sense of community with our service, as evidenced by our relationships with educators, children and families


Our Team

Sharon & Brett Davis — Childcare in Arcadia Vale, NSW

Sharon & Brett Davis

Owners & operators

Jade Mainey

Diploma of Children Services

Emily — Childcare in Arcadia Vale, NSW

Emily Partridge

Nominated Supervisor & Room Leader Ocean Room (3-6 years)

Grace Sutherland

Childcare Trainee

Katie Arthur

Diploma of Children Services