PLAY, LEARN and GROW together
PLAY, LEARN and GROW together

Lake Macquarie long day care For 2–6 year olds

Your child can embark on a fun, exciting journey of play and discovery, developing social skills and readiness for school, leaving you free to spend the day however you choose, be it work or leisure.

Discover why parents are thrilled with the centre facilities at Arcadia Vale Preschool. Browse photos of the activities and our interactive outdoor area.

We are a family-owned and operated service, and we are not affiliated with any corporation. Our service started operating on the 4th July 2004.

Prior to opening, the owner had been an early childhood educator for 12 years, and for 10 had been co-director at another centre. Our aim is to provide a service that we would send our own child to.

Our priority always has been, and always will be, to provide the highest quality service. We are not profit-driven. The children always come first. We've seen many changes in our years of operation, but our core values remain the same.